The story of DONET

Who we are

DONET is a non-profit Social Organization fostering innovations for empowerment of marginalized communities with special emphasis on Disabled and Orphan focusing on technology and access to information and knowledge. As a non-profit social enterprise, DONET thrives to apply commercial strategies, where applicable, to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being, rather than maximizing profits for external shareholders. DONET, through its activities, envisages to contribute towards building a social economy.

How it all began –

01 September 2015, a group of young professionals who wanted to make the world a better place, came up with the idea of founding a company which will implement the power of information and communication technology (ICT) for socio-economic development. After a lot of brainstorming sessions and discussions, the noble group of gentlemen settled on a decision to establish a social enterprise and they named it ‘DONET’. Ever since then, the organization has been working relentlessly to revolutionize the social atmosphere in Bangladesh. These focused and talented group of people were able to foresee the importance and power of ICT and their aim was to promote ‘Access to Information and Knowledge’ for all citizens for fulfilling development objectives at a national, constitutional and international level. DONET has evolved into a social enterprise for fostering fusion of social and technological innovations for improving the lives of marginalized people in Bangladesh and beyond.

Incorporation –

DONET is registered (Reg.No. KUS-995/2018) as a Department of social services under Social Welfare Ministry Bangladesh, (Reg dated 25th Sep, 2018) for receiving foreign donations and grants.